Carton Erector Carton Sealer Shrink Wrapping Machine and Strapping Machine Line

The automatic packaging line including carton erector, carton sealer, Lift & rotate turntable,shrink wrapping machine ,strapping machine and conveyor system.Fully automatic operation without any labor,Automatic carton supply by carton erector. Carton sealer is for sealing the upper and bottom of the carton by tape ,Packages will be protected well after shrink wrapping machine and strapping machine .The whole line is the best chose for carton packing .

Carton Erector

YPK-4012 Automatic Case Erector

* Automatic suction box, forming and sealing are completed
* Max. speed: 12boxes/min
* Clamshell panels,repair warranty.
* Imported electrical configuration, more stable performance
* Can be used alone or in conjunction with the conveyor line.

Carton Sealing Machine

Auto Folding Case Sealer

* Automatic conveying, cover folding and sealing completed by one machine
* Used in conjunction with conveyor lines for unmanned operation
* Low noise motor, quiet, energy saving
* Imported Italy belt, longer service life

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Sleave Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine

* The automatic bottle shrinking machine is a device for automatic bottle handing, film deeding, sealing, shrinking and cooling for bottle products.
* The bottle handling method can be designed and applied according to the product arrangement, and the assembly line can be used for the flow operation without manual operation, and the automation is completely realized.

Strapping Machine

Fully Automatic High Table Strapping Machine

* PLC control, can work with other lines.
* Auto detect, auto convey, auto strapping without man
* PLC reserved the vacant point which can connect with other equipments
* Imported electrical, stable performance
* Can customized