Carton Erector H Type Carton Sealer and Automatic Strapping Packing Line


This packaging lines are very common in the enterprise for carton packing. Each unit of this assembly line can be used alone or in any combination,which is very convenient.It is including carton erector, automatic carton sealer,Fully automatic strapping machine,Corner and side type carton sealer and no power conveyor system. Automatic carton supplied by carton erector.Carton folding and corner sealing machine realize the H-shaped sealing of the carton, Fully automatic strapping machine bund the carton which provide very good protection,Conveyor system for storage and change the output direction accordingly.

Carton Erector

YPK-4012 Automatic Case Erector

* Automatic suction box, forming and sealing are completed
* Max. speed: 12boxes/min
* Clamshell panels,repair warranty.
* Imported electrical configuration, more stable performance
* Can be used alone or in conjunction with the conveyor line.

Carton Sealing Machine

Auto Folding Case Sealer

* Automatic conveying, cover folding and sealing completed by one machine
* Used in conjunction with conveyor lines for unmanned operation
* Low noise motor, quiet, energy saving
* Imported Italy belt, longer service life

Strapping Machine

Fully Auto Low Table Strapping Machine

* PLC control, can work with other lines.
* Auto detect, auto convey, auto strapping without man
* PLC reserved the vacant point which can connect with other equipments
* Imported electrical, stable performance
* Can customized

Carton Sealing Machine

Automatic Corner Sealing Machine

* Simultaneous Sealing Four Sides
* I-shaped sealing effect formed by cooperating with one-type sealing machine
* Low noise motor, quiet, energy saving
* Can be used alone or in conjunction with the conveyor line.