The automatic erector machine is used for the forming and sealing of cartons. The maximum opening speed of the vertical opening mode of the machine can reach 12 boxes per minute. It is usually used in conjunction with the sealing machine, packing machine and other equipment to form an automatic packaging production line.

Grap type case packer

CZX45-300 Grap type case packer

■ PLC + touching screen control.
■ There is lack of bottle alarm downtime and no bottle no packing safety device.
■ Operation interface is simple and convenient operation.


CGB-H20 Side Loading Case Packer

■ The products are automatically grouped and grouped in groups, without manual operation by customer’s packing arrangement requirements.
■ Before packing, the equipment automatically opens and positions the side opening of the carton to ensure the smooth operation.No worries about carton failure.

Bag inserting machine

TDJ-10T Bag Inserting Machine

■ Suitable for large or heavy duty

Drop Packing Machine

LZX-18F Drop Packing Machine

■ The machine is controlled by PLC+touch screen.
■ The machine is equipped with alarm to stop the machine when thebotle is missing. and the device for unpacking if no bottles.

CZX12A-200 Pick&Place Packing Machine

■ This equipment can be applied to all bottle types.
■ Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control technology, easyoperation, compact stucture, high degree of autormation.

LGB-20Y Top-Load Wraparound Packing Machine

■ lt adopts drop-type structure, designod for round bottles, can realize halfsupporting or full-wrapping carton packing.
■ Use hot melt to seal cartons, beautifiul appearance,improved the qualityof the product packaging.

CGB-12F Side-Load Wraparound Packing Machine

■ It is easy to change the specification and size, and can quickly adapt to thepackaging of all kinds of goods.
■ Compared with manual carton, it can save about 15% carton area, saveraw materials and reduce carton cost

ZK-DR Parallel Robot Packing Machine

■ Small footprint and low operating cost.
■ Adopt linear bearing sliding block type soft connection structure, withstable lifting speed.