Arm Wrapping Machine

Product Name : Arm Wrapping machine
Product SKU : R1800FZ-PL

■ PLC control
■ Suitable for wrapping large and heavy articles
■ It has the function of automatically sensing obstacles and effectively avoids personal injury.
■ Size can be customized

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Product Description

There are two types of arm winding machine, one is stand-alone version, the other is online version. Both are suitable for larger and heavier products. It is inconvenient to use tray winding machine. The machine packs the goods around the winding film driven by cantilever, effectively avoiding the danger of heavy cargo rotation.

Technical Parameter

Voltage 380V 50Hz 3P
Power Turntable Motor: 1.5kw ; Film Motor:0.4kw ; Column Motor:0.55kw
L*Wmm Wrappping Size (500-1100)*(500-1200)
Wrapping Height 500-1800
Capacity 35-45 Pallet/Hour
Speed Adjustable
Machine Size 4200*2200*3500mm

* All the product data can be customized