Automatic Sticker Polybag Labeling Machine

Product Name : Automatic Sticker Polybag Labeling Machine
Product SKU : EP506

■ The whole machine and spare parts use international standard SUS304 stainless steel imported alloy material.double anodic oxidation treatment,with high corrosion resistance and never rust,suit for any production environment.
■ German import labeling engine is optional,advanced self-adaption labeling control system,reduce and simplify operating and adjusting,improve efficiency,After change products or label ,made simply adjustment is ok,do not have much requirements for worker skill.
■ Separate bottle device use sillca gel materials.keep vottles delivery to labeling part with same distance.
■ Rolling label device can choose setachable belt or industrial synchronous belt.

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Product Description

Automated assembly line labeling machine is widely used in various different industries ,such as :Packaging ,food ,toy ,electrionic ,medicine and so on,it can assort with assembly line and label it on upper plane and cambered surface of the flowing products,and it can also label the products online,such as assorting transport belt of the ink jet printer.It can be equipped with code printer or inkjet machine,it can achieve printing some information on the label like the production date, lot number and bar code,it also choose the inkjet to belt which sprays print information,such as production date,lot munber and bar code at before labeling or after labeing.

Technical Parameter

Model EP506
Label objects size Diameter:20-100mm;H:30-260mm
Label size L:10-300mm;H:10-140mm
Labeling speed 50-200pcs/min
Labeling accuracy ±1.0mm
Label type Adhesive sticker, transparent or opaque
Label roll diameter Inner diameter:76 mm Outer diameter:350 mm(max)
Voltage AC110/220/240V 1phase
Power 0.6KW 50/60HZ
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Applicable Environment Temperature:5-40Humidity 15-85%(No condensation)
Weight 200kgs
Machine dimension L1800*W800*H1500mm
Remarks can be customized as your requirements.

* All the product data can be customized