Automatic Wrapping Machine (Online Edition)

Product Name : Automatic wrapping Machine (Online Edition)
Product SKU : T1800FZ-PL

■ PLC Control
■ Automatic detect, automatic conveying, automatic wrapping and automatic film breaking are completed at one time without manual intervention.
■ Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation
■ Adjustable wrapping layer and tightness

Variants & Options:

* Turntable diameter
* Column height
* Voltage
* Electrical parts brand
* Top plate
* Cut the film automatically

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Product Description

T1800FZ-PL fully automatic wrapping machine is used together with automatic packaging line. It is controlled by PLC. It can realize a complete set of packaging processes, such as automatic detection, automatic conveying, automatic wrapping and packaging, automatic film breaking, and fully realize unmanned operation. It can be used with Film-covering machine.

Technical Parameter

Voltage 380V 50Hz 3P
Power Turntable Motor: 0.75kw ; Film Motor:0.4kw ; Column Motor:0.37kw
L*Wmm Wrappping Size (500-1100)*(500-1200)
Wrapping Height 500-1800/2400
Capacity 20-40 Pallet/Hour
Turntable Size 2000mm
Turntable Height 400mm
Max Loading 2000kg
Speed Adjustable
Machine Size 3000*2000*2100mm

* All the product data can be customized