SMD12 Coordinate Palletizer

Product Name : Coordinate Palletizer
Product SKU : SMD12

* Use touch screen operation to realize fully automatic, which can display production speed, cause of failure and location.
* Servo motor and axis structure, full servo control, adjustment is simple and fast.
* Single column type palletizing, small footprint and easy maintenance. .
* High degree of automation as the PLC can ordering stacking number, pallet supply and discharge
* Delta monitors and motion controllers are used for easy and convenient operation.
* The safety door and cover are equipped with electrical induction devices. When the cover door is opened and the machine stops working, the personnel can be protected.
* Stacking is stable and efficient, which can save labor.

Variants & Options:

* Can be customized by carton size.

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Product Description

The robotic arm palletizing machine consists of a lifting and lowering Z-axis, a translational X-axis and a gripper to form the main system of the full servo palletizing machine. At the same time, it is combined with a palletizing machine, a palletizing area conveying line and a feeding conveying line to form a set of palletizing system. The palletizing machine puts the cartons on the pallet in a certain arrangement, carries out automatic stacking, stacks multiple layers, and then pushes it out, so that the forklift truck can be transported to the warehouse for storage. This equipment adopts PLC+ touch screen control to realize intelligent operation management, which is simple and easy to master. It can greatly reduce labor cost and labor intensity.

Technical Parameter

Model SMD12
Efficiency 4-6 times/min
Voltage 220V 50Hz 3Phase
Power 9kw
Air supply 4-7kg/m3
Frame material Sprayed carbon steel
Control system Delta  PLC
Screen Delta
Electrical parts Schneider
Sensor Sick
Cylinder& electromagnetic valve Airtac
Servo motor Delta
Carton positioned conveyor L2000*W500*H650mm

* All the product data can be customized