Chain Conveyor

Product name : Roller conveyor
Product SKU : CT122

* Premium quality components
* Extreme reliability and easy maintenance
* Suitable for large or heavy items
* Conveying speed accurate and stable, ensure the accurate synchronization transmission
* Easy to implement the product delivery, can be used to do the assembly line or as a material storage and transportation
* Can be used in a variety of harsh environment (high temperature, dust) work, performance is reliable
* Multi-function, high degree of automation
* All the strands separate control

Variants & Options:

* We can make according to the customers’ drawings or design for customers.

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Product Description

Chain conveyor is to use one or more endless chains on which loads are carried directly. they are widely used in timber processing factory for timber transportation.

Technical Parameter

Model CT122
Dimension Customized design
Chain material Carbon steel/Stainless steel
Frame material Alumimum/Carbon steel/Stainless steel
Load capacity 50-200kg
Voltage 220V-380V 50HZ
Chain pitch 19.05\25.4\38.1\50.8\63.5mm
Power 0.75KW-1.5KW
Certificatin ISO9001