Customized Size Automatic Weight Checker

Product Name : Customized size automatic weight checker
Product SKU : CZ-P01

* Solid SUS304 stainless steel structure enable for good performance
* Belt disassembling without tools, which is easier to clean
* Rejecter system choose :automatic stop by sound and light .air blast. or penumatic push rod
* Emergency stop button for safety working condition
* Size can be customized according to your carton size or bag size,even some other station products
* SIEMENSE configuration

Variants & Options:

* Can be customized by carton size.

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Product Description

Check weigher with rejector mainly use for check carton weight or bag weight within a certain range you set and required. Check weight automatically and display on the LCD screen. And reject the carton or bag automatic which one is not in this range you set before.

Technical Parameter

Model CZ-P01
detection wide 500mm
conveyor speed 20m/min
highest precision 20g
weight range 0-30kgs
reject machine push rod
voltage AC110V-240V 1phase
conveyor belt PVC
machine size 1485*1700*1400mm
weight 280kgs

* All the product data can be customized