CZX12A-200 Pick&Place Packing Machine

Product name : Pick&Place Packing Machine
Product SKU : CZX12A-200

* This equipment can be applied to all bottle types.
* Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control technology, easyoperation, compact stucture, high degree of autormation.
* Coordinated, smooth and accurate movement, high grasping accuracy.
* With a variety of protection fiunctions, in case of failure in time to stop.
* Manual and automatic operation available.Small footprint but large operatingspace.
* Equipment without oil pollution, in line with the regquirements of food hygiene, lownoise, simple daily maintenance.

Variants & Options:

* Voltage
* Machine color

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Product Description

Follow the production plan to equip the bottle feeding conveyor belt, the host, and the box sending conveyor belt. The bottle feeding conveyor belt is connected with the host through the bottle feeding table. From top to bottom, it is equipped with lifting components, XY axis translation device, vacuum grasping head assembly, and XY axis translation device is fixed across the top of the host. The vacuum grasping head assembly corresponds to the position of the infusion bottle channel on the infusion bottle table below. The inlet end and the outlet end are respectively equipped with a whole bottle part and a bottle guide device. Used in various industries, the control system of the whole machine is more autonomous and flexible.

Technical Parameter

Model CZX12A-200
Voltage 3Phase,380v,50/60HZ
Power 5KW
Speed 8-12 Cases/min
Carton Size L200-500*W180-400*H50-250
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine size L4600*W1820*H2200