LZX-18F Drop packing machine

Product name : Drop Packing Machine
Product SKU : LZX-18F

* The machine is controlled by PLC+touch screen.
* The machine is equipped with alarm to stop the machine when thebotle is missing. and the device for unpacking if no bottles.
* The operation interface of the machine is simple and convenient.
* Use servo channel divider to accurately divide single row squarebottle into multiple rows.
* Suitable for packing all kinds of PET,PP and other plastic botles.

Variants & Options:

* Voltage
* Machine color

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Product Description

LZX-18F The case packer machine is very suitable for use in flexible packaging production lines, which greatly shortens the packaging cycle time and has extremely high precision. Coupled with the excellent conveyor tracking performance, the pick-and-place accuracy is first-class whether it is a fixed position operation or an operation in motion.

Technical Parameter

Model LZX-18F
Voltage 3Phase,380v,50/60HZ
Power 3.5KW
Speed ≤12Cases/min
Exportation Height 330mm
Carton Size L150-410*W150-300*H150-500
Air Pressure 6kg/cm² 450/min
Machine size L5800*W1266*H1850