DZ400/2L vacuum packing machine

Product name : vacuum packing machine
Product SKU : DZ400/2L

* Single sealing line or double sealing line can be selected
* The control of the computer
* The well-known brand vacuum pump 304#stainless steel

Variants & Options:

* Vacuum packing machine
* Length of sealing
* Chamber size
* Voltage
* Busch pump
* Automatic swing cover

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Product Description

DZ400/2L is the minimum size in the vacuum packing machines.This vacuum has a single room,which has the advantages of low energy consumption andspace saving.And this is suitable for small businesses orpersonal shops.

Technical Parameter

Model DZ400/2L
Dimension of vacuum cabin L500*W460*H110mm
Lowest height 82mm
Top height 110mm
Sealing line dimensions 400mm*8mm*2
Center distance 385mm
Packing efficiency 100-130 times per hour
Shape dimension L520*W515*H910mm
Voltage 380v(220v) 50Hz
Averrent drain 1.5kw
Machine weight 50kg