DZ800/2SC double chamber vacuum packaging machine

Product name : double chamber vacuum packaging machine
Product SKU : DZ800/2SC

* Stainless steel
* Fully automatic capping and vacuuming, easy operation
* Double seal design, good sealing and easy replacement
* Long life of the heating belt, perfect sealing performance

Variants & Options:

* Vacuum packing machine
* Length of sealing
* Chamber size
* Voltage
* Busch pump
* Automatic swing cover

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Product Description

DZ800/2SC double chamber vacuum packaging machine adopts the whole body stainless steel manufacturing process.Anti-oxidize , anti-rust,and it does not leak or deform on the long use. The large-size vacuum room can accommodate many products ,and has high productivity.The automatic swing function can automatically complete the vacuum pumping of the swing cover without pressing the lid manually. The machine adopts the latest computer-controlled LCD panel. It is easy to operate. This model is suitable for the packaging of large things such as meat, aquatic products, vegetable processing, agricultural and sideline products processing, grain, medicinal materials, chemical products, etc. And this machine can also be customized according to customer’s requirements.

Technical Parameter

Model DZ800/2SC
Dimension of vacuum cabin L920*W780*H190mm
Lowest height 82mm
Top height 110mm
Sealing line dimensions 800mm*8mm*2
Center distance 640mm
Packing efficiency 200-400 times per hour
Shape dimension L1830*W950*H1100mm
Voltage 380v 50Hz
Averrent drain 5kw
Machine weight 800kg