DZT-5070 Vacuum Packaging Machine

Product name : Vacuum Packaging Machine
Product SKU : DZT-5070

* SUS 304 full stainless steel material
* PLC programmable controller,a man-machine dialogue interface
* Using the hot fixed instantaneous heating mode,energy saving
* Adapt imported spare part,mainy from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan

Variants & Options:

* Length of sealing
* Chamber size
* Voltage
* Busch pump
* Automatic swing cover

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Product Description

The vacuum packaging machine heats and softens the packaging film to cover the product, the bottom plate, and simultaneously applies vacuum suction under the bottom plate, and shapes and sticks the body film according to the shape of the product on the bottom plate (color printing paper card, corrugated cardboard or Bubble cloth, etc.). After packing , the product is tightly wrapped between the body film and the bottom plate.It can effectively prevent moisture, dust and shock.

Technical Parameter

Model DZT5070
Chamber size 750mm*540mm*135mm
Vacuum Pump BUSCH RA0100F(100cbm/hour)
Film width 760mm
Voltage 380V,60HZ
Power 8KW
Packaging erea 680mm*480mm
Packaging height Max.60mm
Net weight 280KG
Packaging efficiency 2~3 times/min