DZW-S1000 Horizontal Type External Vacuum Packaging Machine

Product name : Horizontal Type External Vacuum Packaging Machine
Product SKU : DZW-S1000

* Computer control panel
* Stainless steel
* High-power famous brand vacuum pump
* Concave size can be customized

Variants & Options:

* Length of sealing
* Chamber size
* Voltage
* Busch pump
* Automatic swing cover

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Product Description

DZW-S1000 belongs to large external vacuum packing machine. The sealing line can be customized to 500, 600,800,1500, etc every sizes according to your package. The machine is equipped with 3 suction nozzles, each suction nozzle can work independently and independent control, can be respectively turned off and removed , do not influence other suction nozzle work. Suitable for electric appliances, clothe and sheep wool products, etc. 

Technical Parameter

Model  DZW-S1000
Sealing line length 1000mm
Sealing line width 8-10mm
Air supply 0.4-0.6MPa
Machine size L1100*W640*H1600mm
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Power 2.2kw
Machine weight 350kg