FL5545TBC+SM5030 Edge sealing machine

Product name : Edge sealing machine
Product SKU : FL5545TBC+SM5030

* PLC control, higher safety performance
* Unlimited product length
* Adds confidentiality for smaller products
* The horizontal knife is driven vertically, sealing is neat and fast
* Automatic recycling of waste

Variants & Options:

* Frame Size
* Customized straps
* Table height
* Voltage
* Explosion-proof motors

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Product Description

is an economical edge sealing and shrinking machine with fully automatic unmanned operation. It is widely used in the flow operation of mass production packaging, which can realize feeding, conveying, bagging, sealing and shrinking in one time. Applicable to a variety of CD\DVD, cosmetics, electronic products, printing, color boxes, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, picture frames, aluminum profiles, wood products and other products in a single package or combination packaging.

Technical Parameter

Model FL5545TBC SM5030
Voltage 220V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Power(kw) 1.8 12
Speed 800-1200 800-1800
Maxmum packing size 1000*400*250
Appearance size 1680*975*1500 1672*770*1560
Cranial cavity size 1800*600*400
Net weight(kg) 290 360
Use of contractile membranes POF POF