FXJ-5050 Left & right driven case sealer

Product name : Left & right driven case sealer
Product SKU : FXJ-5050

* Imported parts(SCHNEIDER BRAND), electrical and pneumatic components.
* Automatically adjust the height and the width for different size of cartons.
* Advanced pneumatic control system compare with the complicated electrical control system.
* Place a 90 degree turntable if you need a system that runs straight line.
* Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter;
* Both steel and stainless steel types.
* Photoelectricity induction system.

Variants & Options:

* No limit with length
* Rotary handle for easy adjustment
* Low noise motor, quiet, energy saving
* Imported Italy belt, longer service life

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Product Description

FXJ-5050 is the most popular case sealer, which need to adjust the width and height manually. And then can automatically convey and seal the cartons. This machine has no restrict with the length, as usual widely used in the carton sealing.

Technical Parameter

Model FXJ-5050
Voltage 220V 50Hz 1P
Power 240W
Speed 0-20m/min
Table Height 580-780mm
Applicoble Carton L150-*W150-500*H150-500mm
Tape W48-75mm
Machine size L1060*W850*H1350mm
Machine weight 100kg