FXJ-5050E fully auto adaptive case sealer

Product name :  fully auto adaptive case sealer
Product SKU : FXJ-5050E

* Automatic adjustable to different carton size without manual intervention
* Can be used alone or in conjunction with the conveyor line
* All sizes can be customized
* Choose whether to seal the box up and down at the same time

Variants & Options:

* No limit with length
* Rotary handle for easy adjustment
* Low noise motor, quiet, energy saving
* Imported Italy belt, longer service life

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Product Description

FXJ-5050E fully auto adaptive case sealer can automatically detect the size of the carton, and then carry out the sealing machine operation. It can realize unmanned operation in a real sense. It can be used singly; also can used in conjunction with automated production lines, especially for the same batch of different size cartons.

Technical Parameter

Model FXJ-5050E
Voltage 220V 50Hz 1P
Power 240W
Speed 0-20m/min
Table Height 610-810mm
Applicoble Carton L150-*W150-500*H140-500mm
Tape W48-75mm
Machine size L1160*W970*H1330mm
Machine weight 120kg