KZB-I Semi auto high table strapping machine

Product name : Semi auto high table strapping machine
Product SKU : KZB-I

* 304 stainless steel Roller, longer service life
* Photoelectric Sensors, more accurate band feeding
* Membrane button panel, excellent water resistance
* Taiwan imported brake pads, better braking effect

Variants & Options:

* Frame Size
* Customized straps
* Table height
* Voltage
* Explosion-proof motors

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Product Description

KZB-I Semi auto high table strapping machine is one of the leading semi auto strapping machine produced by Ausense. This machine uses the 304 stainless steel Roller to reduce the failure rate, and also uses the Photoelectric Sensors which can feed strapping bands precisely. This machine is widely used in the logistics, express delivery, e-commerce, food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies. This machine is available in both high and low types, which fully meets the various bench height requirements of the users. 

Technical Parameter

Model YS-B1
Voltage 220V 50Hz 1P
Speed ≤3S/trap
Table height 750mm
Strapping force 80kg
Strap width 9-15mm
Machine size 930*600*870mm
Machine weight 72kg