LGB-20Y Top-Load Wraparound Packing Machine

Product name : Top-Load Wraparound Packing Machine
Product SKU : LGB-20Y

* lt adopts drop-type structure, designod for round bottles, can realize halfsupporting or full-wrapping carton packing.
* Use hot melt to seal cartons, beautifiul appearance,improved the qualityof the product packaging.
* Ofen used in beverages, dairy productscondiments, daily necessities andofther production lines supporting equipment to complete the packing process after production.
* Carton easy to disassemble, and the surface is not easy to damage, canbe reused, improve the recycling rate of the carton.

Variants & Options:

* Voltage
* Machine color

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Product Description

As far as the product packaging is concerned, the Wrap Around Packaging is folded around the product and closed laterally by meansof four short flaps. It is usually used for containers made of glass, PET, PVC, polypropylene, cans, etc., mainly for the food &beverage, personal hygiene and cleaning industries.

Technical Parameter


Model LGB-20Y
Voltage 3Phase,380v,50/60HZ
Power 10KW
Speed 20-25 Cases/min
Carton Size L200-500*W150-500*H100-300mm
Glue solidify time 2-3s
Machine Weight 3000KG