New type luggage wrapping machine

Product name: new luggage packing machine
Product SKU: LP600F-L

* Membrane rack can be raised and lowered automatically
* With AD screen
* Optional: Weighing and coin- operating functions
* PLC control

Variations and options:

* Turntable diameter
* Column height
* Voltage
* Electrical component brand
* Slope
* Automatic film cutting

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product description

LP600F-L new luggage machine is a high-end luggage machine product launched by Yupac. The diaphragm holder can be raised and lowered automatically. It is convenient to consider a variety of products. This machine is equipped with an advertising screen which can place advertisements automatically. At the same time, the machine can also be equipped with weighing and imprinting functions.

Technical Parameters

model LP600F-L
Voltage 220V 50HZ 1P
power 0.75 kW
Length * width package size (250-800) * (220-480)
Packing height 1000 mm
capacity 30-50 trays / hour
Turntable size 500 mm
Turntable height 400 mm
Maximum load 100 kg
speed Adjustable
Machine weight 240 kg
Machine size 1550 * 620 * 1750mm