pallet top sheet dispenser

Product name :Top sheet dispenser
Product SKU : SP207CR

* PLC control
* adjustable speed
* wrapping layers can be set
* wrapping tightness adjustable
* Automatic detection of cargo height

Variants & Options:

* Turntable diameter
* Column height
* Voltage
* Electrical parts brand
* Cut the film automatically

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Product Description

On line top sheet dispenseris a packaging equipment adapted to assembly line operation. Now it has realized the demand of 5-Sided automatic packaging of pallets. It is very suitable for the needs of automated packaging ln modem enterprises It plays a very positive role in improving packaging efficiency, reducing labor intensity and utilizing human rasources. At present, such products have been widely used in chemical, electronic, food. beverage, paper and other packaging lines.

Technical Parameter

Model SP207CR
Voltage 380V 50HZ 3P
Power Lifting:1.5kw, Film Motor:0.25kw
L*Wmm Wrapping Size (500-1100)*(500-1200)
Wrapping Height 800-1800
Capacity 40 Pallet/Hour
Machine Size 3200*2300*3500mm