Reel stretch wrapping machine

Product name : Reel stretch wrapping machine
Product SKU : Y1650F/J650F

* PLC control
* For the packaging of cylindrical articles
* Addable ejector function
* optional: Voltage

Variants & Options:

* Turntable diameter
* Column height
* Voltage
* Electrical parts brand
* Cut the film automatically

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Product Description

Reel stretch wrapping machine as its name implies, is used far packaging circular or cylindrical articles. It can be divided into two types,one is radial cylinder winding machine, the other is axial cylinder winding machine.The radial cylinder machine mainly packs the surface of the product. The two ends are not packaged. The axial cylinder machine will wrap all the faces of the product.

Technical Parameter

Model Y1650F/J650F
Power Turntable Motor:0.75kw, Film Motor:0.4kw, Column Motor:0.37kw, Roller:0.4kw
L*Wmm Wrapping Size (600-1500)*(800-1650)
Capacity 20-40 Pallet/Hour
Turntable size 2000mm
Turntable Height 515m
Max loading 2000kg
Speed Adjustable
Machine Size 3000 * 2000 * 2100mm