ER120-2400 Robot Palletizer

Product Name : Robot Palletizer
Product SKU : ER120-2400

* Reliable, long operation time
* Short operation cycle time
* High precision parts production quality is stable
* Strong and durable, suitable for bad production environment
* Good generality, flexible integration and production

Variants & Options:

* Can be customized by carton size.

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Product Description

Robot palletizer is use for packing bags, cartons even other kinds products on one by one pallet. No problem make program to realize different pallet type according to your requirements.The palletizer will pack 1-4 angle pallet if you set. One palltizer is ok working along with one conveyor line, 2 conveyor line and 3conveyor lines.Its optional.Mainly use in automotive, logistics, home appliances, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverages industries,etc.

Palletizing robot is mainly for packaging application design, is a small, can be integrated in the compact packaging machinery, and can meet your all requirements in reach distance and payload. With motion control and tracking performance, the robot is very suitable for application in flexible packaging systems, greatly shorten the cycle time packing. Has high precision, and excellent tracking performance, whether in a fixed position, or movement of the operation, its up to precision are first-class. Small volume, high speed, special optimization have been carried out according to package applications, is the inevitable choice of robotic automation. Equipped with a full range of ancillary equipment (from the integrated air and signal system to catch feeder), can form a complete set of packaging software, using simple mechanical aspects of integration, programming is very convenient. Says from the efficiency, palletizing robot not only can bear high weight, and speed and the quality is much higher than artificial.

Technical Parameter

Machine type stacker robot
Power supply 12 kw / 380 v 50/60 hz
Payload 80 kg to 700 kg
(according to customer demand for selected models of robot)
Apply the product box, revolving basket, film packaging
beverage barrels, plastic, paper, drums, etc
Stacking velocity 10 and 40 cases per minute
Using air 6-7 kg
Working radius 800 mm – 3150 mm

* All the product data can be customized

Electric control cabinet

1. New condition
2. Small volum
3. Tight structure
4. Adopt “EnterCAT” structure bus
5. Realize multi axis control
6. According to the application needs, to provide a customized integration of engineering and electrical integration

Teach device

1. Ergonomic design, comfortable operatio
2. All Chinese&English display, user-friendly
3. According to the needs of different screen size display
4. Double way safety switch, fully ensure the safety of personnel operation
5. Equipped with USB interface to support the tutorial import / export

Palletizer Manipulator

1. pneumatic structure, more secure
2. customized according to the user’s actual product size, no applicable deviation
3. grab flexible, large loading
4. a single point, specially is suitable for the operation and grab the carton

Grab line

1. with positioning function
2. cooperate with manipulator, convenient to grab objects accurately
3. cup feet and casters are optional, easy to move