CGB-12F Side-Load Wraparound Packing Machine

Product name : Side-Load Wraparound Packing Machine
Product SKU : CGB-12F

* It is easy to change the specification and size, and can quickly adapt to thepackaging of all kinds of goods.
* Compared with manual carton, it can save about 15% carton area, saveraw materials and reduce carton cost
* Paperboard suction, feeding, molding and pressing are all completedautomatically.Completely replace manual erecting and folding,sealing andother cumbersome processes.
* Use hot melt sealing box instead of traditional sealing tape, in line withenvironmental protection concept, and the appearance of packagingproducts is neat and beautiful.
* lt is often used in supporting equipment of beverage, dairy, condiment,daily chemical products and other production lines to complete the packingprocess after production.

Variants & Options:

* Voltage
* Machine color

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Product Description

Our wrap-around box and pallet packaging machine can automatically count, group and pack unit packaging, either wrap-around box or wrap-around pallet packaging. The machine has phase shift technology, which can pack products with an oval bottom in a compact box or tray.

Technical Parameter

Model CGB-12F
Voltage 3Phase,380v,50/60HZ
Power 10KW
Speed 8-12 Cases/min
Carton Size L200-500*W150-500*H100-350
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Machine Size L8145*W2150*H2000
Machine Weight 2200KG