SM-1230 label shrink packing machine

Product name : label shrink packing machine
Product SKU : SM-1230

* Concentrated shaft conveying ensures smooth passage of packaging
* Imported components, equipment running stably
* The temperature in the furnace chamber can be controlled in stages to meet different products.

Variants & Options:

* Frame Size
* Customized straps
* Table height
* Voltage
* Explosion-proof motors

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Product Description

SM-1230 label shrink packing machine is specially designed for various types of bottle, cup, tank, barrel and other shrinkage machines. Hot air circulation shrinkage can shrink the bottle body, the bottle mouth and the bottle bottom after labeling shrinkage packaging.

Technical Parameter

Model SM1230
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Power(kw) 15
Speed 800-12000
Maxmum packing size Φ100*280
Appearance size 1804*600*1560
Cranial cavity size 1500*120*300
Net weight(kg) 210
Use of contractile membranes POF/PVC/PP