SM1230X hanging label shrink packing machine

Product name : hanging label shrink packing machine
Product SKU : SM1230X

* Double high-powered fun ensure sufficient circulation air volume
* Movable casters,easy moving
* Freely used with production line
* Fun can be adjustable part by part

Variants & Options:

* Frame Size
* Customized straps
* Table height
* Voltage
* Explosion-proof motors

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Product Description

SM-1230X hanging label shrink packing machine is an extension of the ordinary label shrinker. This label shrinker is equipped with shrinkage packaging of products after labeling on its own assembly line. It is suitable for glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper cups and other containers in food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries.

Technical Parameter

Model SM1230X
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Power(kw) 18
Speed 8000-12000
Maxmum packing size Φ120*350
Appearance size 1603*1009*2056
Cranial cavity size 1500*150*400
Net weight(kg) 250
Use of contractile membranes POF/PVC/PP