T1650FM M type turntable wrapping machine

Product name : M type turntable wrapping machine
Product SKU : T1650FM

* M-type turntable, convenient for cargo handling
* PLC Control
* adjustable speed
* wrapping layers and tightness can be set

Variants & Options:

* Turntable diameter
* Column height
* Voltage
* Electrical parts brand
* Top plate
* Cut the film automatically

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Product Description

M-type wrapping machine has its special use occasion. It is mainly suitable for unloading cargo with manual forklift truck. The pins of manual forklift truck can directly push into the M-type hole of wrapping machine. The wrapping machine can pack the cargo and then be forked by forklift truck, which reduces operation time and improves work efficiency.

Technical Parameter

Model TP1650F-M
Voltage 220V 50HZ 1P
Power Turntable Motor:0.75kw, Film Motor:0.4kw, Column Motor:0.37kw
L*Wmm Wrapping Size (500-1100)*(500-1200)
Wrapping Height 500-2000 / 2400
Capacity 20-40 Pallet/Hour
Turntable size 1650mm
Turntable Height 98mm
Max loading 1000kg
Speed Adjustable
Machine Size 2900*1690*2400mm