TDJ-10T Bag Inserting Machine

Product name : Bag Inserting Machine
Product SKU : TDJ-10T

* Suitable for large or heavy duty

Variants & Options:

* We can make according to the customers’ drawings or design for customers.

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Product Description

Plastic bag inserting machine makes made-to-measure bags from a roll of polyethylene film and automatically inserts the bags into different types of containers: cardboard boxes, crates, trays, tins, pails or styrofoam cases. The model TDJ-10T is standard equipped with fully automatic format change.
Bag inserting machine is a perfect solution to minimize your bag cost and maximize your productivity. 

Technical Parameter

inserting bag speed
carton size
 220-480V 3phase
 2.5KW 50/60HZ
machine size
machine weight