VS450 Nozzle Type Vacuum Packaging Machine

Product name : Nozzle Type Vacuum Packaging Machine
Product SKU : VS450

* Computer control panel
* Membrane switch
* Vacuum generator without noise
* Taiwan AIRTAC cylinder
* CE certisficate

Variants & Options:

* Length of sealing
* Chamber size
* Voltage
* Busch pump
* Automatic swing cover

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Product Description

VS-450 desktop vacuum pumping machine adopts special vacuum generating system and exhaust device imported from abroad. It needs air source. Its advantages are long life, low failure rate, no blockage due to impurities in the air, no noise, etc. It is especially suitable for use in places with high air cleanliness, such as purification of electronics (semiconductor, circuit board, electronic finished products, etc.), food, medicine, and other industries; , Anti-oxidation and discoloration; It can also be used for vacuum packaging of fabrics, cotton and wool products to reduce the packaging volume and save logistics costs. Can increase the inflatable function, special specifications can be customized.

Technical Parameter

Model DZ600/2SF
Dimension of vacuum cabin L700*W610*H175mm
Sealing line dimensions 600mm*8-10mm*2
Center distance 490mm
Packing efficiency 180-300 times per hour
Shape dimension L1405*W725*H1000mm
Voltage 380v 50Hz
Averrent drain 3kw
Machine weight 400kg