XT-4510 Automatic Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine

Product name : Automatic Robot Pallet Wrapper Machine
Product SKU : XT-4510

* Not limited by product size
* Move conveniently
* One person can assemble the machine
* A variety of packaging methods can be chosen
* Use battery as power. Self winding machine power is powerful and the noise is small.
* Packaging automatically, save space. It move at any time, which not only saves the workshop and warehouse space, but also to facilitate the transport to the scene immediately began to work.
* Special fast up-down film structure, high efficiency.
* Using programmable control system. The parameters can be automatically adjusted on the control panel, control panel using liquid crystal display, simple operation.

Variants & Options:

* Turntable diameter
* Column height
* Voltage
* Electrical parts brand
* Cut the film automatically

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Product Description

Fully Automatic Robot Pallet Wrapper Machine/Self-Propelled Wrapping Machine

Technical Parameter

Model XT-4510
Min.pallet size 600*600mm
Max.packing height 2100mm(2500mm can be customized)
Film reel inner diameter 75mm
Power of up-down motor 0.18kw
Rotary speed 1-16 ring/min
Pre-stretch rate 350%
Charge power supply 220v/50HZ 1Phase,110v/60HZ
Machine weight 325kg