YS-A1 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Product name : semi atuo Luxury high table strapping machine
Product SKU : YS-A1

* Double motors, twice service life as normal machine
* Simple strapping head, low failure rate
* Adjustable tension force and cooling time
* Silent and energy saving, more widely used
* Thickened 304 stainless steel The countertop plate, can carry heavy objects

Variants & Options:

* Frame Size
* Customized straps
* Table height
* Voltage
* Explosion-proof motors

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Product Description

YS-A1 high performance semi-automatic strapping machine with double moter is especially designed  for export.  Four leg used to support the machine strapping body’s could be detachable, can save a lot of space when shipping container. The height of the strapping machine can be adjusted according to the height of the operator and the working demands. If the working ground is not level, you can adjust the length of the 4 legs then keep the level of this machines.

The automatic strapping machine is equipped with two motor, one feeding belt motor, another retreat belt motor, which ensure the long service life of the machine strapping. The machine strapping The machine adopts the principle of  instant heating , start strapping after 5 seconds without preheating, suitable for all specifications of pp belt, has been widely used in all industries.

Technical Parameter

Model YS-A1
Voltage 220V 50Hz 1P
Speed 1.5sec/strap
Strap width 9,12,15 mm
Machine size 750*550*750 mm
Machine weight 65kg