ZK -DR Parallel Robot Packing Machine

Product name : Parallel Robot Packing Machine
Product SKU : ZK-DR

* Small footprint and low operating cost.
* Adopt linear bearing sliding block type soft connection structure, withstable lifting speed.
* Cartons of different varieties can be packed by changing the fixture.
* High degree of automation, control adjustable, simple adjustment,intelligent operation, etc.
* lt can be used in chemical, food, medicine and other industries.

Variants & Options:

* Voltage
* Machine color

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Product Description

Utilizing the fast, efficient, and accurate characteristics of parallel robots, this is the link that seamlessly connects with the unpacking machine and the sealing machine, and the high-speed parallel robot is added on the basis of the traditional box packing machine, and the traditional factory production line A lot of manual liberation.

Technical Parameter

Model ZK-DR
Voltage 3Phase,380v,50/60HZ
Power 8.8KW
Speed 50-55min/bag
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine size L1680*W1680*H2200