ZXJ-01 Automatic Case Packer

Product Name : ZXJ-01 Automatic Case Packer
Product SKU : ZXJ-01

* The products are automatically grouped and grouped in groups, without manual operation by customer’s packing arrangement requirements.
* Before packing, the equipment automatically opens and positions the side opening of the carton to ensure the smooth operation.No worries about carton failure.
* Wide range of applications, can meet a variety of product packaging
* Realizing product sorting and packing at the same station, solving the problem of large volume and space occupied by conventional packing machine
* Control mode: PLC+ touch screen + standard control button + signal switch, automatic/manual control mode, flexible operation
* You can find the fault point through the touch screen and easily eliminate the fault.
* This machine is suitable for industries such as medicine, food, daily chemicals and other light industries.

Variants & Options:

* Can be customized by carton size.

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Product Description

The automatic case packer can arrange the production automatically, put them into the carton, then sealing automaticlly. Most of the automatic case packer adopt a new type of combined structure, including functional units such as a case erecting device, an arrangement device, a filling device and a sealing device, and respectively perform corresponding functional actions, and each device is installed on the same main frame. The case blank of the case erecting device is above, the filling device is directly below the case erecting device, the arrangement is in front of the filling device, and the sealing device is behind the filling device. Controlled by P.L.C + touch screen. There is a lack of box alarm and stop system, no box is not working safety device. It is easy operating, managing. Reducing labor cost and labor intensity. This kind of case packer is an indispensable equipment of automatic production line.

Technical Parameter

Model ZXJ-01
Voltage 380V 50Hz 3phase
Power 1.5KW
Capacity 200-360 cases / hour basised on packing port 1 group
Air compressor 5-6kg/cm2 460L/min
Machine weight 550kg

* All the product data can be customized

Electrical configuration

PLC Siemens Germany
TouchScreen Siemens German
Contactor Schneider France
Switch Schneider France
Photoelectric Sensor Omron Japan
Pneumatic Components Airtac Taiwan