The automatic erector machine is used for the forming and sealing of cartons. The maximum opening speed of the vertical opening mode of the machine can reach 12 boxes per minute. It is usually used in conjunction with the sealing machine, packing machine and other equipment to form an automatic packaging production line.


Automatic Sticker Polybag Labeling Machine

* The whole machine and spare parts use international standard SUS304 stainless steel imported alloy material.double anodic oxidation treatment,with high corrosion resistance and never rust,suit for any production environment.


Customized Size Automatic Weight Checker

* Solid SUS304 stainless steel structure enable for good performance
* Belt disassembling without tools, which is easier to clean
* Rejecter system choose :automatic stop by sound and light .air blast. or penumatic push rod
* Emergency stop button for safety working condition
* Size can be customized according to your carton size or bag size,even some other station products
* SIEMENSE configuration