The automatic erector machine is used for the forming and sealing of cartons. The maximum opening speed of the vertical opening mode of the machine can reach 12 boxes per minute. It is usually used in conjunction with the sealing machine, packing machine and other equipment to form an automatic packaging production line.

Sleave Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine

* The automatic bottle shrinking machine is a device for automatic bottle handing, film deeding, sealing, shrinking and cooling for bottle products.


One Step Shrink Wrapping Machine

* Glass fibre knife groove is used for sealing and cutting knife is made of anti-sticking and temperature-resistant nickel-chromium alloy.
* The sealing is neat, non-cracking and non-coking. Equipped with special roller pinhole equipment, fully drain the air inside the membrane

High Speed Edge Sealer

* The high-speed edge sealing shrinking machine adopts two horizontal and vertical detection modes to carry out high-speed sealing and culling bagging equipment for products, and heat shrink packaging with high-performance shrinking machine
* The front and rear transmissions are atl frequency-controlled and the servo motor can make the equipment more stable and accurate.


L-type Semi-automatic Sealing and Shrinkage Packaging Machine

* “L” type sealing knife of anti-stick and high temperature alloy has neat sealing without cracking, no coking and no smoking. Sealing knife coated with Teflon non-stick layer for cutting non-stick film;
* After sealing and cutting, the product is automaticall conveyed to the shrinkage furnace by conveying belt for shrinkage packaging. Manual rocker is easy to adjust the height of convevyor belt;


BSE6040A Shrink Packing Machine for PE Film

* Anti-scalding shell,Safety operation
* Longer chamber, better performance
* Imported electrical components, stable performance
* Can be customized according to product size

straight-through sleeve sealing shrink packing machine

ST6040Z+BSE6040A Sleeve Sealing Shrink Packing Machine

* Adapt overseas touchscreen and PLC ,easy operation
* Multiple sets of photoelectric detection for accurate positioning
* It can be used alone or used with line
* Adapt imported belt ,speed adjustable

sleeve sealing shrink packing machine

Semi-automatic Sleeve Sealing Shrink Packing Machine

* Adapt famous imported electrical key parts ,realiable performance
* Spiral stainless steel heating tube
* Transportation system can be Chain, Teflon mesh belt accordingly

edge sealing machine

FL5545TBC+SM5030 Edge Sealing Machine

* PLC control, higher safety performance
* Unlimited product length
* Adds confidentiality for smaller products
* The horizontal knife is driven vertically, sealing is neat and fast
* Automatic recycling of waste

Automatic L bar sealing shrink wrapping machine

Automatic L Bar Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine

* PLC control, higher safety performance
* Unlimited product length
* Adds confidentiality for smaller products
* The horizontal knife is driven vertically, sealing is neat and fast
* Automatic recycling of waste

l type semi-automatic sealing and shrinkage packaging machine

L-type Semi-automatic Sealing and Shrinkage Pakaging Machine

* Special L-type sealing cutter,neat and not cracked
* Conveying speed adjustable
* Internal circulation type turnnel, better finished performance
* Imported electrical configuration, stable and reliable performance

SM-5030LX high-performance shrink packing machine

SM-5030LX High-performance Shrink Packing Machine

* Window function, the packaging process is visible
* Air volume ajustable, better finished performance
* Air circulation structure under inner circulation, temperature is more suitable
* Removable shell,easier maintenance

SM-1230 label shrink packing machine

SM-1230 Label Shrink Packing Machine

* Concentrated shaft conveying ensures smooth passage of packaging
* Imported components, equipment running stably
* The temperature in the furnace chamber can be controlled in stages to meet different products.

SM-1540 cap label shrinking machine

SM1540 Cap Label Shrinking Machine

* Stainless steel heating tube,better temperature
* Temperature adjustable ,Max up to 250 degrees
* Conveying speed adjustable
* Turbine wind, good performance

SM-1230X hanging label shrink packing machine

SM1230X Hanging Label Shrink Packing Machine

* Double high-powered fun ensure sufficient circulation air volume
* Movable casters,easy moving
* Freely used with production line
* Fun can be adjustable part by part